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The Collective Wellbeing Project Focuses on the needs of Corporate and Community Organisations. Providing workplace meditation packages to improve employee Self Care Practices, General Wellbeing and Workplace Performance.


Katerina is the founder and the facilitator of the project. Katerina is a qualified and experienced counsellor, Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Having studies locally and internationally, she recognises the value of Workplace and Community Wellbeing needs in Australia.

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Why Choose Us

It is simple


Modern and Traditional Meditation Techniques especially designed for the Workplace


Understanding the Human Psychology and Behaviour through Sepcialised Training


Over 10 years of combined experience in the Theraputic Counselling Field and Yoga Teaching


Creating a Positive Organisation Culture so that Workers Feel Good and Perform Better


Offering New, Experiential and Fresh Ideas in the Modern Workplace for all Personalities


Working together with Organisations in Exploring and Achieving the Best Outcomes

Do You Know

Some facts about worker Stress, Abscenteeism & Reduced Productivity in the Workplace
Days Lost to Stress per Woker per Year
Benefit can be generated for every $1 invested in effective Workplace Wellbeing Initiatives
Ways to feel good

What we value

We understand the needs of organisations and deliver creative wellbeing services

Organisational Culture and Positive Workplace

Assisting organisations in providing a supportive environment for the employees in order to create a more positive organisational culture, encouraging worker loyalty and retention in the workforce

Wellbeing & Self Care

Supporting and empowering staff with helpful and effective Well-Being and Self Care Practices, that allow workers to maintain Physical, Emotional and Psychological health, to better manage stress, reduce burn-out, fullfil responsibilities and maintain professionalism at work

Productivity and Performance

High level of productivity and strong work ethic is achieved through effective holistic strategies which build on individual stregths and achievements leading to higher performance. Ultimately, getting more done in a lot less time

Life Work Balance

A good work-life balance means creating harmony between different aspects of life, where benefits gained from each area can support and strengthen the other. Moving from the concept of Surving to Thriving in the workplace and personal life.

Relationships & Team Work

Enhance social relationships and interpersonal communication among staff to improve efficiency, collaboration and reduce conflict in the workplace.

Motivation and Creativity

Exploring and idenitfying individual internal resources, indpirations and drives that motivate workers to be creative and determined in their professional role

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How We Do It

Working together to achieve great results

Analysis & Planning

In the ever changing and complex organisation environment, the mental and physical demands of the job placed on the workers can leave a significant mark. Understanding the nature of the workplace pressures and tasks at hand is important to develop the right preventative and supportive Wellbeing practices to reduce the negative impacts. Thats why, analysing, exploring and planning is important part of what we do and influeces what we offer.

Design & Development

The services and programs are intentionlly designed and developed based on the presenting issues and provides a simple and effective solution. The meditation sessions are designed and developed to work with the emotional and psychological component of the mind, addressing common issues associated with work such as stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and burn out. The meditation sessions provide a simple approach in helping to alleviate these issues and bring stillness, clarity of mind, emotional support and better decision making. Not to mention the health benefits!

Launch & Grow

Delivering the Wellbeing programs to organisations is an exciting time as it allows us to put into practice what we value and the benefits it brings to our clients. It is a time to be experiential and evolve with the ever changing workplaces.

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